Monday, May 2, 2011

Can we make money taking surveys? Top 10 legitimate survey sites for you

 Survey sites: There are many ways of making money online. Taking surveys is one of the best ways of making money on Internet. It's easy to participate in surveys. This program will suit many Internet workers.

Why do they pay for your opinions? It's a part of a marketing survey. All big companies periodically review about their products and hence want to know about the opinions of their customers. Even if they want to manufacture a new product they want opinions from prospective customers. That's why they pay for your opinions.

How much you can earn per survey? It depends on the survey company. Some may pay you some cents for taking a survey while some pay even $25 per survey. You may have to spend 10 to 30 minutes to complete a survey.

The earning scope with location: The earning scope for making money from surveys is brighter for those who are living in the USA and Canada.

Be aware of scam sites:  There are too many scam survey sites out there. please don't get carried away by their attractive ads and promises. There are many legitimate survey sites that are free to join. There is no need to pay any one for joining survey sites.

Here is the list of genuine survey sites:

1.Global test Market

2. Opinion Outpost

3. American consumer opinion

4. Permission Research

 5. Neilson Netratings

6. Npdor

7. Surveysavvy

8. Focus lines

9. Synovate

10. Mysurvey

Survey Savvy: This is also a legitimate survey site that pays handsome rewards for the surveys. You can join survey Savvy HERE.

Can you make a living taking surveys? No, not if you are residing outside the USA and Canada. You can make only a limited income from surveys if you are living in countries other than the USA and Canada. So, this can be a good additional income for the Internet worker.

Summary: Yes, you can make a few dollars a month, taking surveys. Though you can't make a living with surveys, it's a good extra income for the work at home workers.Thanks for reading.


It is interesting combination of topics from your blog.And I agree that the survey are making money only if you live in USA and Canada.

Thanks lumis for your visit and comment.

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