Sunday, April 15, 2012

10 Amazing Tips to Attract a Man and Influence Him: How to Make Your Man Adore you?

If you are a woman, love and relationship means a lot to you, isn’t it so?  It’s the dream of every woman to be loved and adored by her man. How nice will it be if you could attract the man you love and influence him forever? How would you inspire him to love you, respect you and want to spend quality time with you? How to make your man cherish you, adore you and treat you like a queen? Please keep reading…

How to attract a man and influence him? Every man is different and the needs and wants of every man are different. So, it’s more important to study about your man and act according to his needs to make your man fall in love with you and stay in love forever. However there are a few general techniques that would work for most women around the globe regardless where they live and whatever culture they live in. The general rule is you should know what your man wants and needs from you and work hard to fulfill them as much as possible.

1.Take care of your appearance: Every woman is beautiful in her own way. You must feel confident about your looks. Maintain a clean body and look impressive to your man.

2. Be a confident woman: No matter how beautiful you are if you can’t carry yourself with self-confidence and good body language, you may not be able to impress your man. 

3. Show him you care: Most men adore the women who take care of them. Men are raised that way with care by their moms. They crave for the care and love their women would provide them. Most men can’t resist falling for a caring woman.

4. Chaste woman can influence her man: Men prefer chaste women for marriages and long term relationships. Most chaste women are able to influence their men strongly and make their men to fulfill all their desires. In my opinion this great virtue plays a big role in making your man adore you.

5. Be a good cook: It’s true that women can win the hearts of their men through their stomachs. If you can cook delicious and nutritious food, your man will be impressed very much.

6. Sexual skills: If you are good at sexual skills and can give him satisfying and fulfilling sex, it will have a great impact on him for sure.

7. Respect him: Men are egoistic animals. They can’t bear it when you disrespect them. Respect your man always. Respect his interests, his family and his friends. 

8. Be his best friend: It’s important to remain as his best friend always. Listen to his interests and assure him that you will always be there for him through thick and thin. 

9. Give him his space: Give your man his space and let him spend time with his friends. 

10. Appreciate him often: Nothing makes a man happier than when his woman praises him of his physical strength, talents and skills. Appreciate him honestly whenever possible and say sorry when you have done something that hurt him.

Summary: I think it’s very simple to attract your man and influence him forever. You need to know his needs and fulfill them with interest and love and that’s it. Women are good at knowing the interests and needs of their men but most of them are not ready to take the pains to fulfill the needs of their men. If you really want your man to adore you remember there is no gain without pain. Give him everything you can to get everything you want from him. It’s as simple as that. Thanks for reading.


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