Friday, June 8, 2012

The Amazing Indian Film Music

Indian film music: In all the Indian films there will be at least five songs. You can't find an Indian film without
songs. It's true that most of the songs are unrealistic, yet these songs in Indian films are inevitable. It has a long history. The art of drama (play) has been in existence in India for several thousands years. In olden days they used to tell a story through songs.

The transformation of Indian film music: It is not surprising that when the film industry was introduced in India, they continued to tell the story in the same drama style. You will be rather surprised to note that a few decades ago in Indian cinema, there were as much as thirty songs or more in some of the films of that time. Thank God, this story telling style  gradually changed over time. Presently there are about six songs in a film and usually the hero and the heroine sing songs in the love scenes in most of the films. The songs are usually sung by prominent playback singers and the actors and actresses just give lip movements. Kissing on the lips is not allowed in Indian movies. In reality no Indian sings songs in demonstrating his love life.

Matchless Indian melody songs: It's true that most of the Indian film songs are not realistic. Nevertheless, the Indian film songs are melodious and quite enjoyable to listen. Some songs in films are presented so beautifully that we can watch those scenes and listen to the songs any number of times (just like watching "bad' of Michael Jackson)

Great Indian film music directors: You will find one such great song video under; India had produced great music directors like S.D. Burman, R.D. Burman, Lakshmikanth and Pyarelal in the past. Some of the prominent music directors who dominate the Indian cinema currently are A.R. Rehman, Ilaya Raaja and Haris Jeyaraj. I am sure you will love Indian music and Indian film songs. Now, enjoy the Indian film music, thanks.

                                       Oscar Winner Music Director A.R.Rehman's music

                             Simple, yet cute dance by India's top dancer and actor Hrithik Roshan

                                         Best melody composed by king of melody Ilaya Raaja
                                             Another mega hit song of A.R.Rehman

                                        Maduri Dixit, most graceful dancer and actress of India


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