Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Amazing Powers of Chanting Mantras: Positive Effects of Mantras

Sounds: Each sound has either positive or negative effect on humans. Some sounds can give positive vibrations while some sounds can spread negative vibrations. You might have heard about music therapy. With soothing music we can heal certain disease. Some music can remove stress. Some music can help you to sleep well.

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Power of mantras: Mantras spread positive vibrations. Hindus believe in the power of mantras and hence they chant them to get positive effects. Mantras can be useful to any one regardless of religion, nationality, sex and life style. The mantras that I am giving below can be chanted by any one across the world and enjoy the benefits. It is very important to pronounce the words perfectly to get optimal results.

Om chanting:  The word "OM" seems to be the best sound that can spread enormous positive vibrations. Here is a video on chanting "OM". You can close your eyes and enjoy the sound. If you can't pronounce the word, just listen to the sound. You will feel so peaceful and happy.

Gayatri mantra: This is a very powerful mantra. Please close your eyes and listen to it. . You can imagine all the negative energies going out of your body. You can also imagine positive energy entering into your body. If you can't chant the mantra perfectly , you can just listen to it. It is better to listen to this in the early morning before breakfast.

Summary: Sounds can have positive effects on us. If we pronounce positive sounds or listen to positive sounds, that will give positive effects to us. I hope you enjoyed listening to the mantras. Thanks for reading.


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