Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shakira's Top 5 songs -Best of Shakira

Shakira: I am sure you know who is Shakira. She is one of the best performance artists in the world. She is a singer, dancer, musician and song writer. She is from Columbia. She is one of the best female pop singers of all time.She has already won two Grammy Awards. She has millions of fans all over the world. She has given several hit songs. I am giving 5 of her best songs in this article.

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Spain Queen: She is from Spain but she is a successful pop singer in both English and Spanish.

1. Hips don't lie:  She released this song in 2004. This is surely a big hit for Shakira.

2. Underneath your clothes: This is a kind of touching song from Shakira.

3. She wolf: This is more like a Disco song. Shakira displayed a dazzling dance performance in this song.

4. Did it again:  This is a song from her She wolf album. It's a bit different but truly amazing.

5. Whenever wherever:  This is a song from the album Laundry service released in 2001. This is one of my favorite songs.

Last words: I hope you have enjoyed these top best of Shakira's videos. Shakira's videos are truly entertaining. Her belly dancing skills are amazing. Thanks for reading and watching.


Shakira is indeed a great singer -- sexy and a fantastic dancer. Great feature!

Hi, Gen Gatch, I found your blog interesting too.Thanks for your visit.

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