Friday, October 28, 2011

How to win your boyfriend back after a break up?

Your man left you:

'How am I going to live without him?' This is the million dollar question of many young females all over the world when they break up with their men. They find it difficult to cope with the agony, hurt and pain caused by the break up. However the life has to go on and you need to learn to cope with the break up as soon as possible. You can divert your attention on other useful things in life. You may be angry with him, yet you can't forget him easily. So what should you do now? Please do not mention anything that will damage his reputation to others, particularly to those who are common friends to both of you. On the other hand, If there is an occasion, greet him with a warm heart.

Do something concrete

Engage yourself in useful useful activities: If you are having a career, you can focus your full attention on it. You can listen to soothing music and relax your mind. You can go on a vacation and rediscover your enthusiasm and happiness. You can try Yoga and meditation.You can watch comedy programs on Television. You can spend time with enthusiastic and humorous friends. If you still can't forget him, you have no other option but to wait for the right time to win his love again.In the meanwhile If some other guy is also interested in you, let your boy friend understand that you are in demand. However, you should not overdo this. When you work hard and come up in life, he may find you more attractive, who knows. You should improve your overall personality to attract him more.

Patience is the key: You should wait patiently until you win him again. Patience and perseverance are the two important factors, which could help you to win him again. Never get close to any other male during this period of separation. If you have, some common friends you may use them to tell your boy friend that you are still in love with him. In short you should try to improve your personality and status during the period of separation. You must appear to be a new found treasure to him when he meets you after a long time.

Summary: When you breakup it hurts a lot. It's so painful that you long to patch up the break up and find the spark of love again in your relationship. If you are a woman, the pain is much more and you may be dying to win his love again. If you use the simple techniques suggested in this hub, your love life may be restored and you can live happily thereafter.


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