Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How to make money without Google Ad Sense

Google ad sense: If you are a blogger, Google ad sense is undoubtedly the best source for making money. However you can never rely on Google as it may remove your BlogSpot blog at anytime without warning or disable your Google ad sense account even if you don't do anything against their policies. If you apply for new Google ad sense account your application may be declined by Google. So therefore it's better to learn to live without Google ad sense.

Top Google alternatives: We have several Google alternatives out there such as Chitika, Infolinks, Adbrite, Bidvertiser, Kontera and  Clisksor.

Freelance writing jobs: You can take up a lot of freelance writing jobs from legitimate freelance sites like ODesk, Scriptlance and Getacoder.

Write paid reviews: You can write paid reviews and make money online.

Direct ads: If your blog has good Page rank, Alexa rank and traffic many advertisers will be willing to place their advertisements on your blogs on rental basis. The rates you can fix according to the traffic you have for your blogs.

Writing sites: If you don't have Google ad sense account, still you can make money from a few writing sites like Triond, Experts Column and Factoidz.

Ghost writing: You can write as a ghost writer and earn decent money online. In this case your customer will buy the rights of your articles and publish them on their names.

Content writing: There is a great scope for content writing on the Web World Wide. You can make attractive income from content writing.

Summary: Google may remove your BlogSpot blogs and disable your Google ad sense account at any time even if you don't do anything against Google. It's bad luck, what else we can say. Google has all powers and we can't approach them after the ban. Google may not approve your Google ad sense application sometimes. so therefore we should learn to survive without the Almighty Google. Thanks for reading.


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