Saturday, January 28, 2012

Factoidz, The Best Writing Site for Online Writers and Bloggers

If you are a online writer or blogger, you might want to write for the popular writing sites. The advantage of writing for writing sites is that these writing sites are having good traffic already. So, your articles will attract reasonable traffic when you post your articles on writing sites. However there is a disadvantage too. When you write for a writing site, you can't enjoy the 100% revenue generated from your blog posts as the writing site shares only a part of the revenue with the writer.

What are the top writing sites? Of course there are many writing sites out there on the Internet. Nevertheless only a few writing sites are popular and having good traffic. They are Factoidz, EHow, HubPages, Triond, Experts Column, Associated Content, Bukisa, Flixya, Helium and Xomba.

My review of the top writing sites: EHow is only for the US writers. Helium lost traffic when it deleted articles of many writers a couple of years ago to improve the quality of the site. Moreover it's not easy to make money over Helium. Flixya and Xomba became almost dead after the Google panda updates. HubPages is too strict today and impose too many restrictions on the writers that made tons of writers leave the site. Only a few writers are able to earn money at HubPages. Triond is a great site that gives enormous freedom to the writers. However some of its top writers posted too many  adult content articles that ruined the site completely and no wonder Google rated it low after the panda updates.Experts Column is doing well right now but most of its articles are republished Triond articles. Google may penalize Experts column at any time. You can't earn much from Associated Content. In my opinion the earning scope for online writers is bright at Factoidz. I am sure Factoidz will do even better in future.

I earn money on  Factoidz reasonably. If you want to write and earn, you may join Factoidz HERE. It's absolutely free for ever.  Please note Factoidz is now known as Knoji.

Summary: There are many writing sites out there on the World Wide Web. However Factoidz is the best writing site for an online writer. You can earn decent money by writing over there.Happy writing and earning. Thanks for reading.


learn about Factoiz I will try to join it .

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