Friday, February 3, 2012

Desire, Cause of Sorrow? or Progress?

Desire: You all may know that Buddha preached that desire is the cause of all worldly sorrows. Can you agree on that? I think it's true that desires are the causes of all problems we get in life. However living without desire can mean there are no aims, no ambitions and no targets in life. Where will all this lead us to in this highly competitive technological era? Can you survive in this modern world  if you don't have any desires to come up in life? Please keep reading.....

Desire, cause for inventions: Every invention is born from desire and ambition. If the scientists did not have the zeal to invent new things, you will not be reading this article now . Therefore, it is obvious that we must have desires to win in life.

Our desire started even before the birth: Our desire started when we were a sperm cell, swam via chemo taxis, and successfully reached the ovum. We had the desire to reach the ovum and that desire caused our births, isn't it so? This desire process continues until death, though the intensity of desire differs in individuals and in  distinctive matters.

Bhagavad Gita on desires: Bhagavad Gita teaches you to remove all your desires. It does not mean you can't aspire for a good job, make big money or enjoy a happy married life. Nevertheless Bhagavad-Gita says ‘do your duty, without bothering much about the results'. Here again, we are confused.  How can we go on working without bothering about the results? What it actually means is that  we should not lose our balance when we don't get the expected results. If we lose our control the efficiency in our work will be affected considerably which in turn will produce a negative effect on future results. If we have the maturity of mind to be focused and work hard continuously, we will no doubt be able to achieve our goals in a big way one day. At the same time if we get huge success we should allow pride to rule us in anyway. So, friends, let us experience and feed our desires and work hard to achieve our goals. Let us continue our efforts until we achieve the desired results. The world is beautiful, let us make our life more beautiful.

Summary: Buddha said that desires are the causes of all worries in this world. Bhagavad Gita also said that we should get rid of all our desires. However the real recommendations of Buddha and Bhagavad Gita don't actually deny your genuine desires in life. However you should keep on doing your duty without having the desires to get positive results. Besides if you are successful in your goals, you should not let pride rule you. Thanks for reading.


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