Thursday, February 16, 2012

How Would You Cope With An Insult? Tips To Overcome Insults

Insults: We all would have experienced being insulted on at least a few occasions in our lives. We feel so depressed and experience a lot of pains and unhappiness when somebody insults us. Nevertheless, great people have lived without getting affected by insults. They could cope up with insults very easily.

Buddha insulted: Once the Buddha had to go a small town to preach his principles and on his way, he crossed a few villages, where he met many people and shared his knowledge with them. When he was in a particular village a group of people who were against his teachings recognized him and started to abuse him with harsh and uncivilized words. Nevertheless, Buddha remained quite calm and unaffected. Their abuse and insults did not have any impact on him. They were astonished at this great quality.

Buddha managed insults: Thereby, they felt ashamed on themselves and asked him how it was possible for him to endure such insults. The Buddha told them," I was visiting a village just before coming here and some of my followers presented me with food and many gifts. I did not need anything and therefore they had to take back all the gifts with them. Similarly, I do not like those words you just hurled at me, you have to take them back too. Therefore I have no need to worry at all"

Coping with insults: There is really no need to worry when we are faced with having to cope with an insult in our life. Nobody is free of having to face insults in this world, at some time or the other in their lives, so why should we worry? However if there are any mistakes in ourselves we should try to correct them instead of brooding on the insults. It is far better to analyze the situation and learn how to overcome and correct our faults, than to look for specs in those who insulted us. We should in fact be thankful to those persons for pointing out our mistakes.

Summary: So, dear friends, when we are faced with any insult the next time, we will learn to cope with it and manage it diligently.


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