Monday, July 4, 2011

The amazing and divine art Yoga: The uses of yoga

,What is yoga: It is worth to mention that “Yoga” is a Sanskrit word that means physical and mental discipline. Like many arts Yoga also originated from India, say about five thousands years ago. Yoga can help you to attain sound physical health and mental health. Yoga can keep you fit and stay young for years. Besides, yoga can help you to live a disease free life.

Uses of Yoga: The most useful benefit of yoga is that it treats the mind and body and bring them together in perfect harmony through the "Asanas" (different body postures) and breathing techniques.If you do regularly, you can enjoy good physical and mental health. You can live a disease free life till the end. You can have a calm and stress free mind. In fact you can  increase your talents in many fields including earning ability. Yoga can cure certain diseases if they are at initial stages. Yoga can also help in treating hyper tension, back pains, stomach disorders and diabetes.

Yoga postures: There are several thousands of yoga postures that had been practiced by the ancient Indian sages thousands of years ago. We are now living  in a modern and fast world. We can't find time to do too many asanas every day. We can do a few important asanas like the "Surya namaskara" (saluting the sun). You can also do "Pranayama" and meditation regularly.
                            Surya namaskara
Pranayama: It's basically a breathing exercise that helps to maintain great physical and mental health. It can help you to beat stress as well. You can live an active, energetic and disease free life if you practice Pranayama regularly. It can also increase your overall efficiency in all your actions.

Meditation: It is mainly for the mind. It can also help to enhance your concentration and memory power. Your face skin will glow if you do this regularly.

Yoga learning: It is better to learn Yoga from a qualified teacher. You can’t get the full benefits of it if you practice it merely reading books. Besides, Yoga should be practiced with an “Empty Stomach”. If you feel uncomfortable doing a posture, you should stop doing it and consult your doctor.

Summary: Yoga can help you to live a healthy disease free life till the end. It can help you to stay calm at difficult situations. It can help you to manage stress effectively.   Yoga can also be useful in treating certain diseases.It can also improve your overall efficiency in all your actions. Yoga can increase your life span significantly.

                               Yoga for weight loss


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