Friday, July 8, 2011

Top 5 songs of Justin Bieber: Best of Justin Bieber

Teen idol Justin Bieber: He is the latest music sensation of the world. He is not only a singer but also a song writer, actor and a musician. He is just 17 years and reached to a peak of glory at such an early age in the music world. How did he come to the limelight so early in life? He uploaded his videos at YouTube and his current manager discovered his talents when he accidentally watched his YouTube videos. He helped him to build his career to this level of global glory. Justin can play guitar, piano and trumpet.
                                  Justin Bieber picture
Career progress: "One time" was his debut single released worldwide in 2009. "My world" was also released in 2009. He released his mega hit music score "baby" in January 2010. Justine has many music awards including many American music awards MTV awards. He was also nominated for Grammy awards.

Crazy Justine Bieber's fans: He has millions of fans all over the world. He seems to have many crazy teen age girl fans across the globe. He has become very popular at such an young age. He has already taken the the music world like a storm. He is expected to rule the music world for many more years to come. Let us wait and see his music brilliance in the coming years.

My best of Justin Bieber:


2. Never say never:

3.One time:

4. Somebody to love:

5. One less lonely girl:

Summary: Justin Bieber is just 17 years old but has already reached great heights in world music. He has won many American music awards and also nominated for Grammy awards. He has ardent fans all over the world. He is expected to rock the music world much more in future. Thanks for reading.


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