Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amy Winehouse found dead at her London home

Amy Winehouse is dead: The music world was shocked at the sudden death of Amy Winehouse on 23rd July 2011 at her London home.She was just 23 years old and definitely she deserved a longer life. She was an English singer ad song writer. She won many award including the Grammy in 2008. She won millions of fans all over the world.Her music made millions of people happy.  The cause of death is unexplained according to the police.

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Amy Winehouse: Her music was excellent. Her songs were hit at the box offices and she raised to the top of the music world very soon. She was expected to give great music to the world in future but unfortunately her life came to an end suddenly. Music world truly lost a legend of music. She will however continue to live in the hearts of millions of her fans for ever.

Tribute to Amy Winehouse: Here are a few videos of Amy Winehouse:

Summary: Amy Winehouse was a great singer and song writer. She has won many awards for her music including the Grammy in 2008. She died suddenly on 23rd July 2011at her London home. She will however continue to live in her fans' hearts for ever. Thanks for reading.



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