Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Can Non English Speaking People Ever Become Successful Bloggers?

English Blogs:

As you may be aware most of the blogs on the World Wide Web are in English. However most of the bloggers are not English speaking, a bit surprising isn't it? Of course there are blogs on regional languages but they are certainly negligible. Therefore if you want to be a successful blogger and make money blogging you need to blog in English. A successful blogger in my opinion is one who can blog regularly, draw huge targeted traffic to his/her blogs and make decent money. Is blogging meant for native English speaking people alone? Can't non English speaking people ever be successful bloggers? Please read on.....

Can non English speaking bloggers be ever successful?

English speaking population: I think it's important to analyze the English speaking population across the globe.People from the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark and some countries in Africa speak in English. Bloggers from these countries are lucky as English is their own language and blogging is easier for them.They can write an article on a given topic easily and quickly, their vocabulary is good, the words would flow well for them naturally. However only about 5% of the world population have English as their first language.If you take the bloggers community native English bloggers will be about 10% worldwide but not more than that. Today's world population is about 7 billion and about 320 million out of them speak in English.
Can Internet survive without non English speaking people? We have seen that only 10% bloggers are speaking English worldwide. Similarly more than 90% of your visitors are from non English speaking countries. In short I would say that you can't think of the Word Wide Web without non English speaking people.

Can native English speaking bloggers be more successful? It's apparent that native English bloggers will do well in blogging. Nevertheless my views are different. What are the requirements of a successful blogger? He/she should be able to create blog posts that contain useful information for the readers. He/she should produce articles regularly. He/she should know how to optimize their blogs for the search engines. A successful blogger learns many things including the Search Engine Optimization techniques. Here English is helpful only in creating quality content. Any blogger who can express himself in simple English without big grammatical and spelling errors will definitely do well in blogging.There are many non English speaking bloggers making big money on the Internet today.

A few words for native English speaking bloggers: I know how would you feel when you come across an article of a non English speaking blogger, the words may not flow well, vocabulary may be weak, there may be grammatical and spelling errors, it may be quite annoying I agree. Nevertheless, they are trying to write in a foreign language, so bear with them till they learn and improve their English writing skills. You were born and grown up speaking English and you have to consider yourself lucky when comes blogging.

A few words for non English speaking bloggers: If you want to be a successful blogger, you must improve your English at any cost, there is no other way. It's not difficult to learn and improve your English writing skills as there are several tools out there on the Internet. If you write an article with too many grammar and spelling errors, your visitors would bounce at once from your blogs. Do you think they would even return to your blogs again?

Summary: The earning scope for native English bloggers and non English speaking bloggers is almost the same. In other words, non English bloggers can also earn handsome money blogging, if they can write quality content and are good at SEO. Needless to say that the non English speaking people contribute a great share to the World Wide Web. The power of importance of non English speaking bloggers can't be ignored. I do hope these blogging tips will be useful to the bloggers and online writers. Thanks for reading.


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