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Why Can't Writers Make Handsome Money on The Internet?

Write and earn: Internet has everything including earning opportunities. There are many ways of making money online. If you have writing skills, you can definitely make handsome money online. Earning from writing gives you a lot more satisfaction than other ways of making money online. But many writers can't make handsome money on Internet. Why? Is it possible to make money writing? Please continue reading......

Write and make money:

The ignorance of writers: Many writers don't know how to make money online. They start writing online hoping to earn big money immediately. But after some time they realize that it is not that easy to make money online writing as they imagined. Most of them quit writing at one point of time. But the fact of the matter is writers can earn decent income online if they know where to write and how to promote their articles.

Blogging: When I started to blog a couple of years ago, I was new to making money online and ignorant of money making techniques. I simply started a blogspot blog, posted a few blog entries and waited to see money flowing into my wallet. I could earn only a few cents. It took me almost an year to realize that making money writing is not easy. I also realized that it is not impossible. Now, I have understood a few tricks of blogging trade and hence I decided to share my ideas with my readers, hoping it will be useful to them.

It takes time to earn money by writing: Please remember that you can't make big money from writing overnight. It's not a quick rich program. It will take a lot of time and you should have the patience and perseverance until you succeed. Besides you should learn a few tricks of blogging trade to make reasonable money online.

Legitimate writing sites: If you want to become a successful online writer, then you should know where to write. It is always good to have your own website. However you should also write on a few more legitimate writing sites such as HubPages, Triond, Wikinut, Bukisa, Infobarrel, RedGage, Squidoo, EHow, Associated Content, Xomba, Yousay, Flixya, Text Broker, Helium and Factoidz. I personally recommend Triond and Squidoo to make decent money. Please avoid writing for HubPages as the sites has become too strict these days and it’s a big waste of time to post your articles over there. You should also avoid posting on Bukisa. I suggest you to write 100 to 300 articles on each site of these three important sites. Most of these sites are sharing their Google ad sense revenue with the writers. Therefore you will definitely start making reasonable income online. The greatest advantage of writing on these sites is that these sites are search engine friendly. You need not use any Search Engine Optimization techniques to drive traffic top your web pages. However you should know to use the proper key words and catchy title in your articles.

Content is king: As a online writer you should always always create quality content. Please remember that content is king. Why should people visit your blogs? They expect to find useful information on your blogs. Or if there is an entertainment element in your blog, people may visit your blog. You should post 2 to 3 new blog entries every week. If you don't update your blogs, there will be a big decline of traffic from the search engines.

Search Engine Optimization techniques: Well, you post quality blog entries regularly, is that enough? If you are having a blogspot blog, you need to make your web pages search engine friendly so that you will get huge traffic from major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL. You have to learn to use right keywords in your article, give a catchy title for your article and submit your blogs to popular social book marking sites such as Twitter, FaceBook, digg, stumble Upon, Delicious, Yahoo buzz, Google buzz, Reddit, Friendster, Myspace and Technorati. You should also submit your blogs to pinging sites such as Pingomatic, Blog and ping, Google blog search ping service and Article Pinger.

Affiliate programs: You can also become an affiliate and promote a few products that suit your niche and taste. You can use SEO techniques to drive traffic to your website. You can start earning reasonable affiliate commission after some time. Commission Junction, Amazon, Click bank and Paydotcom are a few legit affiliate sites that you can trust.

Write reviews: As a writer you can write reviews for a few legitimate review sites such as Review me, Reviewstream, Constant-content and earn money.

Ghost writer: You can also make money as a ghost writer. The website owners will ask you to write articles for their websites. You can write articles according to their requirements and sell the articles to them. You can work as a freelance writer and make money.You can submit your blogs to PayPerPost and earn money.

EBook: If you are an expert in a particular field, you can write an EBook and sell them online. You can sell yoru EBook through the affiliate sites such Click bank and Amazon.

Conclusion: Making big money online as a writer is not easy. But it is not impossible. If you learn a few tricks of the online writing trade, you can definitely make handsome money online from writing. I hope you have found mu hub useful, thanks for reading.


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