Friday, December 2, 2011

Divine and Beyond Human Love

Divine Love:

You may be a micro particle in this universe,

Yet you are all the world to me without recourse

Physically you are far away from me, being there

Yet happy to know that in my heart lies your soul here

If it be a secret joy when our bodies unite

It'll be the ultimate pleasure for our souls without contrite

I know not if I will enjoy this secret joy, dear

Nevertheless, I thank you for having given me the ultimate pleasure

If you will forgive me dear, I'll admit a fact here,

I tried to plug you out of my thoughts and memories forever,

Alas, the more I wished to forget,

The more you stubbornly stayed without regret,

I thought you made impressions only in my brain,

But the impressions dear, are deeply ingrained within my soul

I do not know if it is right to say "I love You"

But dear, I boldly declare "my soul needs you"

So come let us live a life of eternal bliss

Like carefree birds over the mist.


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