Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Amazing Indian Film Dances: India's Dance Talents

Dance, the top entertainment: 

Dance, dance and dance: I think every one will love dance immaterial of age, nationality, sex and religion. It is a great fun to dance and to watch dance. It gives us a lot of happiness. It helps us to relieve stress as well.There are different types of dances practiced in different parts of the world. Some of the popular daces are Break, Hip Hop, Salsa, Tap, Swing, Bharathanatya, Ballet, Tango, Step, Disco, Street dance and so on.

Dance is not easy: Every one wants to dance and watch dance. You need to work hard to learn dancing. Many people don't know how to dance gracefully. They just dance to the rhythm of music for the sake of fun. They simply just dance and rock the dance floor, though they are not professional dancers. It is easy to dance for good dance music and good dance songs.

Dance with heavy movements: Some modern dances like Break, Hip Hop require heavy body movements. Of course it is so pleasant and joyous to watch fast dances. Yet some slow movement dances are also so nice to watch as the dancers dance gracefully. Indian film dances are good examples for this.

Dance, the best entertainment: I love dancing, though I am a not trained dancer. I love watching Indian film dances. I just want to share a few graceful Indian film dances with you. I am sure you would love them. You can notice that though the movements are not heavy, they are very good to watch as the movements are very graceful.

Summary: Dancing is really a great entertainment to all of us. Indian film dances are truly interesting and enjoyable. India has great dancing talents. Thanks for reading.


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