Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Top 10 legitimate writing sites

Make money by writing

There are many ways of making money on Internet. However the scope for making money by writing is very good. If you are having good writing skills, you can make good income on the Internet. However you should work on legitimate sites to actually earn money. I am happy to give you a list of legit writing sites where you can write and earn.

Legit writing sites

1. Triond: This is a wonderful site where you can publish your articles, videos and pictures. They have a publishing net work. They will publish your article on a website within their publishing network that best suits your topic and target audience. You can reach a wider audience, gain more recognition and earn more revenue. The site shares 50% of it revenue generated with the writers. You can earn 50% of Google ad sense revenue as well.

2.Squidoo: You can write on any topic including adult content. The site shares 50% of its revenue with the writers. Your article is called as lens. You can sign up as an affiliate for Amazon, EBay and Cafe Press and earn affiliate commission income.

3. Experts Column:  It delivers a platform to online writers.You can write on any topic and get paid for it. You can build your own online network of friends. You can reach global audience easily. This site pays you according to the page views your articles get over here.

4.Helium:  You can write and get paid for your work. You can earn cash through Upfront Payments for contributed work, writing contests and daily revenue share.

5.EHow: It's a leading resource website where you can share your expertise. EHow writers receive timely compensation. Many EHow writers earn $15 to $20 per hour.

6.Constant Content: You can get paid for writing articles. Here you can post your content, and sell your content. You can also browse requested content and get paid for your writing.

7.Academia Research: Academia Research is a website which allows you to get paid for writing assignments. They offer freelance freelance writing jobs to their writers. The rewards are attractive.

8.Review Stream: This is the only site  on the Internet where you can earn some cash just for writing the reviews! You can review any product or service of your choice and get paid for it.

9. Factoidz:  This site  is recognized as a leading source of expert advice and content. They only accept highly qualified people to become experts and writers on our site. You can earn market-leading rates for your content based on the traffic and SEO position they generate. You can also write product reviews and earn bonus rewards.

10.Infobarrel: This writing site has huge organic traffic from major search engines. You can get 75% of the ad sense  revenue generated from Google advertisements on your pages.

Avoid HubPages and Bukisa: HubPages has become too strict these days. They often ask you to moderate your articles and you can’t afford waste time on this site. Bukisa is also not fair and you can’t make money on this site.

Summary: In my honest opinion, I would say that it’s not easy to make money writing on writing sites. However if you work hard, post thousands of articles on the above said writing sites and promote them efficiently, you will certainly earn handsome money. Good luck and thanks for stopping by.


I am already with triond but making money is pretty slow, I how to review some of the other site and find ways to make more money. I would like to check if you have AC too on your list. passive income

I find most of these sites don't entertain inexperienced writers easily. Their selection process precludes persons who don't have any previously published articles. Can you help with some sites who allow newcomers?
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