Tuesday, August 30, 2011

ABC 's Dancing with the Stars 2011 Season 13 Contestants Revealed

ABC's Dancing with the stars show: ABC's dancing with the stars is a very popular Television reality dance show that attracts millions of viewers around the world. People are anxious to know about the contestants of dancing with the stars 2012 season 13 show.

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Two contestants announced: Two contestants names have been announced so far for the great dance show. Well, you may be eager to know about them , right? One of them is Nancy Grace, a famous Television personality and political commentator from Georgia, USA. Another contestant is Chaz Bono, a popular  American actor, musician and writer. He is a transgender, changed his gender from female to male with the help of suitable surgery in 2009.

Dancing with the stars show: This reality dance show is watched by millions of people across the Globe. These contestants are not professional dancers. However they pair with professional dancers and participate in the contest that would go for a few weeks.

Dancing with the stars 2011 season 12 winners:  This show started with 12 contestants and went on for 10 weeks. It indeed drew millions of viewers as expected. Hines ward and Kym Johnson emerged as winners of this mega event.

   Dance by Hines ward and Kym Johnson:

Another impressive dance performance by Hines ward and Kym Johnson:

More contestants to be announced soon: It is that 10 more contestants will be announced soon. Let us keep our fingers crossed till they announce them. There have been a lot of rumors going on  about the prospective contestants for the season 13 show.

Summary:  Two of 12 ABC' s dancing with the stars 2011 season 13 contestants have been announced so far.  The world is eagerly expecting the announcement of other 10 participants. This show will be a big hit beyond doubt any doubts. Thanks for reading.



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