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Feng shui and Vaastu tips to improve your love life

Can Feng Shui and Vaastu help you to get wealth and health? The Universe is full of energy, yet most of it is empty as space. The atom is negligibly small; it’s almost nothing yet has great atomic energy. Every living thing has energy. Every space has energy, either positive or negative. If you design your home such that it’s filled with more of positive energy, your family members and you will get good thoughts that will lead to good actions and ultimately you will get good results in everything you do. Can Feng Shui and Vaastu help you to improve your love life? Please read on….

Can Feng shui and Vaastu improve your love life? It’s all about increasing the positive energy inside your home, particularly the energy relating to love life. Your bed room should be located in either South West or North West of your house. It should be properly ventilated such that fresh air and sun light can flow inside the room freely. The windows should be kept open at least for a few hours in a day. It’s very important to remove clutter from your bed room as it releases plenty of negative energy.

More Feng Shui and Vaastu tips to improve love life: The bed room should be clean and pleasing. Your bed room should be painted with light blue, light pink and light green color. The bed should be facing the bed room entrance but not directly in line with it. Both sides of the bed should be away from the walls. Even if one side is against the all, it’s not good. It’s better not keep a mirror in your bed room. If want to have a mirror, see that it does not reflect the image of your bed. You can also close it when not in use. It’s better to use round mirror in the bed room.

Some don’ts: Do not keep fish tank or grow plants in your bed room as they release negative energy relating to love life. Avoid keeping Television in the bed room. If you want it, then cover it when not in use. It’s not right to fix the fan directly above the bed. You should also avoid pictures that could stir negative or unwanted thoughts in your mind, say for example, you should not keep a picture of your ex in your bed room. Anything that would remind you of your ex, anything that would remind you of the death of dear ones and so on.

More tips: You can hang a picture of you with your love partner looking at each other with passion and happiness in the bed room wall. You can also have the pictures of a pair of mandarin ducks or love birds in your bed room to enhance the spark of love between you both. It’s better to avoid having bath rooms attached to your bed room. If you still want it, then see that it’s always closed and not visible from your bed. If you feel that your bed room is more of negative energy, you can neutralize it by hanging a crystal ball inside your bed room. Jasmine and sandal can enhance the positive energy inside your bed room.

Summary: Feng shui and Vaastu can definitely help you to get health, wealth and happy love life. However you should see that you use the right Feng Shui and Vaastu techniques to get optimal benefits. More than anything, love your partner unconditionally, every good thing will follow automatically. Real love and faithful prayers have no substitutes and are the best things that can give you peace and happiness in life. I am sure you found the Feng Shui and Vaastu tips to improve your love life useful. Thanks for reading.
Former Miss World Aiswarya Rai and Sharukh Khan in love

Sharukh and kajol love

(Whatever readings or data you find in this article  for information purposes only, can not be treated like scientific advices- You make all decisions of your own choice)


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