Friday, August 19, 2011

Make money answering questions: legitimate site to answer questions and earn money

Make money online: As you may be aware there are many ways of making money online. Have you heard about making money answering questions? Yes, you can make money answering questions. Please continue reading.....

Earn money by answering questions: You can earn money by answering questions on varied topics that you find on the site.The question may be on relationships, business, beauty and style, alternate energy sources, arts and humanizes, education, jobs and careers etc.

How will you earn money: First you have to join the site, it's free of course. Then you need to answer a few existing questions to qualify to integrate your Google ad sense account with this site. Once it's added, you will start earning from Google ad sense. The site shares a percentage of the revenue generated from Google ad sense advertisements with the members.

How to earn money: You need to answer as many questions as possible, let your answers be of high quality, informative and useful to the readers and the member who originally posted the question. If the member who posted the question chooses your answer as the best answer, then your ad sense code will be displayed on that question page. In other words, you will earn a percentage of the Google ad sense revenue generated from that web page. What will happen if your answers are not picked as the best answers? Still, you will earn some money as the site rotates displaying ads on different answers at different times.

How to increase your earnings: You should answer as many questions as possible to increase your earnings on this site. See that you answers are of high quality and more your answers chosen as the best answers by the members who originally posted the questions, more will be your earnings from this site. You can also ask questions and make money. If your answer is chosen as the best answer, then you can promote it by sharing it with social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Delicious, Stumble Upon, Reddit, Linkedin, Google buzz, Orkut, Friendster and Technorati. You can also refer people and earn referral income too.

What is that site? I am sure you are now eager to sign up the site and start earning. It's You can join the site HERE, it's free.

Summary: There are many ways of making money online. You can earn money by answering questions as well. I am sure you would love to answer the questions and earn money. Thanks for reading.


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