Monday, August 22, 2011

Most Deadly and Venomous Snakes in the World

Are snakes so dangerous? Not all snakes are dangerous as many people think. Somehow the fear of snakes had gone into human genes over thousands of years and hence man is scared of snakes whether they are really venomous or not. It is worth to mention that not all snake bites could kill man, some are less dangerous than we usually think.
Most venomous snakes in the world: Cobra, krait and viper are most common venomous snakes found in almost all parts of the world particularly in India, Australia, Africa and America. Some sea snakes are also deadly. King Gobra seems to be the most dangerous snake in the world, its bite can kill a man in a few minutes.

Fear of snakes: Are snakes so dangerous? Most snakes bite when they are disturbed or threatened by human, otherwise they never harm people at all.Snakes on the other hand can help to maintain ecological balance in the world.

The difference between poison and venom: Venoms and poisons are different.Human body can absorb poison through digestive system or skin whereas venoms are introduced into the blood stream directly by a mechanical process, in the case of snakebite, it directly injects venom into the blood stream. Venomous snakes have venom glands and they inject venom by biting with the specialized teeth.

World's most deadly, most venomous snakes: King Cobra, Inland Taipan, Indian krait and vipers seem to be the most venomous and deadliest snakes in the world. In my opinion King cobra is the world's most dangerous snake.

Summary: Not all snakes are dangerous. Most snakes bite only when they are disturbed or threatened. Some snakes can even spit venoms and kill a man.King Cobra is most dangerous snake in the world. Thanks for reading.

How to avoid a snake bite?

How to Tell If a Snake Is Poisonous:



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