Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Basics of Numerology-Free Numerology for you

What is Numerology?: It's study of numbers and how numbers can affect human lives. Numbers do have some impact on human lives. As you are aware our daily lives are revolve around numbers. We use numbers in almost all walks of life.

Numbers and alphabets:  According to Numerology, each alphabet is related to a number.

                     A,I,J,QY,                                                            1

                        B,K,R                                                               2
                     C,G,L,S                                                               3

                        D,M,T                                                               4

                      E,H,N,X                                                              5
                       U,V,W                                                                6

                         O, Z                                                                  7
                          P,F                                                                    8

There is no alphabet for number 9.

Numbers and Planets: Numbers and planets are related.

                  Sun                                                                            1

                Moon                                                                           2

              Jupiter                                                                             3

              Rahu (Uranus)                                                                  4

              Mercury                                                                            5

              Venus                                                                                6

               Ketu (Neptune)                                                                 7

              Saturn                                                                                 8

             Mars                                                                                     9

What is the use of Numerology?: How Numerology can be useful to us? Numerology helps you to find your lucky numbers, lucky colors, lucky gemstons and lucky name for you. Numerology can activate your luck and help you to get better health and wealth.

Summary: I hope you would have found these free tips on Numerology useful. Though Numerology has no scientific base I have seen Numerology techniques working well for many people. I will write more articles on Numerology in the coming days and you will understand Numerology techniques even better then.Thanks for reading.


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