Saturday, March 12, 2011

How to get free pictures for your blogs: Where to find copy right free images for your blogs?-Tips for bloggers

The importance of pictures to your blogs: If you are blogging for making money, you must be aware of the importance of adding images to your blog posts. Images adds beauty and value to your blog. A good appropriate image can convey your views much more powerfully than the text in your blog. So it's obvious that adding images is very important for your blogs.

Where to get the images for your blogs?  You may not have your own pictures suitable to all your blog posts. You may need to use the images owned by others as well. There are some fantastic sites where you can get free pictures for your blogs. But you must ensure that you are not using copy righted images in your blogs. You can get copy right free images from sites such as Flickr,  Google images, Free Foto, Image Base, Free digital and Morguefile. You can also search for some good images from Stock.xchng, Photo ree, Photogen, Picapp, Photo bucket, Free stock photos, Picasa,

The difference between Royalty free and Copy right free images: You should know the difference between Royalty free and Copy right free images. You can't use Royalty free images for free. If you want to use free images on your blogs, you should go for copy right free images.

Flickr is the best source for free images:You can get images from  Flickr. However you should give credit to the image owner. You can also do Google image advance search and find copy right free images. You can search for "labeled for commercial reuse with modification" images and use them in your blogs. You can also get free pictures from Morguefile for your blogs. You can also use images from Wikimedia commons duly giving credit to it.

Never use copyright images in your articles: If you use copyright images, you may have face legal problems. You may have pay a big amount as damages to the image owner or in some worst cases, the violator may even has to face imprisonment. So, you need to do a clean research before using an image from the web.

Conclusion: Images are important for adding quality and charm to your blog posts. You should find copy right free images  and use them in your blogs. You can improve the quality of your blogs and eventually increase your Google ad sense earnings as well. I hope you would have found the information useful, thanks for reading.


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