Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why do marriages fail?-Why can't relationships last a lifetime?-Top 10 reasons for the break up

Relationships fail often: We are today living in a fast world. We do everything fast. We fall in love fast, marry fast and get separated faster. Why do marriages fail? Why can't relationships last a lifetime? Please keep reading.....

1.Lack of compatibility: Couples when they choose their partners don't ensure the compatibility between them. They are in a kind of haste while getting into a relationship. Already man and woman think differently and look at life differently. It is essential that both have some similar interests, goals and views about leading life. If they are not compatible, the relationship may not last long. 

2. Lack of trust: Mutual trust is very important in a relationship. If one or both the partners don't trust the other and keep on spying them, the marriage may not last long.

3. Lack of understanding:  The couple should have a good understanding, otherwise they will experience serious problems in their relationship after a period of time.

4. Lack of attraction: Both should remain attractive to the other even after having started to live together for years. They can't take their partners for granted for having won them already.

5. Lack of communication: In any healthy relationship, good communication plays a big role. Men seem to lack this department after they enter into marriage and live together for a few years. Communication is very important for women. When the couple lack good communication, the relationship becomes weaker.

6. Financial factor: In a relationship financial stability is also important. When they face financial difficulties, the relationship may also be in trouble. So, work hard and improve your financial status.

7. Infidelity: It is perhaps the worst killer of relationships. Most relationships fail due to infidelity of one or both the partners.It's an instant killer of relationships.

8. Lack of sex drive:  Healthy sex is very important in a relationship. If one or both partners lack sex drive, the marriage may fail due to this factor. Healthy sex works like a bond between the couple.

9.Family responsibility: When two persons live together and set up a family, they will have many responsibilities. Both should realize their responsibilities and fulfill them. If some one is not fulfilling their family responsibilities, it may affect the marriage.

10.Blaming factor: No one is in the world is perfect. If one of the partners is blaming the other continuously, the relationship will experience a friction and lead to a break up.

Conclusion: Marriage is a big bliss for any man and woman. A healthy relationship can give you more happiness and eventually better health and longer lifespan. What can be a bigger gift to you, than a happy marriage? Thanks for reading.


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