Sunday, March 6, 2011

Top 15 ways to drive traffic to your website?-Tips for bloggers and online writers

Why do you need traffic?: If you are a blogger, or if you want to promote a business you need traffic to your site. Driving huge targeted traffic to your site is the key to your success. But it's not easy to get traffic. You need to do a lot of hard work and use Search Engine Optimization Techniques to achieve it.

1. Quality content: Quality is always king on Internet. You should create quality content. What is a quality content. The article should have some useful information to the readers. The article should be free from grammatical and typo errors.It should have a catchy title to grab the attention of your readers.

2. Size of the article: You articles should contain at least 300 words. Some readers will not like articles having more than 600 words.

3. Add images: Images add beauty to your articles. So, you can add one or two relevant images to your articles.

4. Add videos: You can also add one or two YouTube videos relevant to your article.

5. Submit your blogs to social sites:  After creating quality content, you should promote it using many methods. You can submit your blog to popular social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Delicious, Stumble Upon, Friendster, Reddit, Google buzz, Yahoo buzz and Linkedin.

6. Submit to Twitter: You can submit your blog to Twitter.

7. Submit to FaceBook:  You can also submit your blog to FaceBook.

8. Participate in forums: You can participate in popular forums and drop links to your blog.

9.  Build an e mail list: You can build an email list and share your article to the list members.

10. Guest blog: You can write guest blog and send traffic to your blog.

11. Back links: You can create quality back links from quality blogs. This will increase your traffic significantly.

12.Submit to blog directories: You can submit your blog to free blog directories such as Ezine and Go articles.

13. Video marketing: You can create a video and upload it to YouTube and give a link to your blog.

14. Submit your blog to Technorati:  You can also submit your blog to Technorati. Thsi will help to get huge tarffic to your blog.

15. RSS Feeds: If you create RSS feeds to your blog, you will get more traffic.

Summary: You need traffic to promote your products or services online. If you are a blogger trying to earn from Google ad sense, you need huge traffic to your blogs. If you use the above tips , you will get huge traffic to your site.  If you get more traffic , you can earn more money. You can increase your Google ad sense earning significantly. Thanks for reading.


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