Monday, March 28, 2011

Top 5 writing sites to write and earn online

Writing sites: There are many ways of making money online. Writing is a great way of making money online. If you are a good writer, the scope for earning online is very bright. However you should write on legitimate writing sites to get good results. Here are some popular, legitimate writing sites for you. I hope you will find them useful.

1. Hub pages: This is a great site to write and earn. It has a Google Page rank 6 and Alexa rank 182. It gets huge traffic from major search engines.You can earn  60% of Google ad sense earnings generated from your hubs. You can also sign up for EBay, Amazon and Kontera and earn from them as well. You can't write adult content or gambling content on this site. You can join HubPages HERE. It's free.

2. Triond:  This is another great site to write and earn online. It has a page rank is 5 and Alexa rank 5152. Triond shares 50% of income generated from all advertisements on your web pages. You can get huge page views if you write on Triond. You can make decent income from Triond. Triond allows its writers to write even adult content. Join Triond HERE. It's free.

3. Squidoo: This is another wonderful site to make money writing. It has a page rank 7 and Alexa rank 185. This site shares 50% of the revenue generated from your articles. You can also earn from affiliate programs such as Amazon, EBay and Cafepress. You can join Squidoo HERE, it's free.

4. Factoidz: This is also a great site to write and earn. It has a page rank 4 and Alexa rank 9400. This site also has huge traffic and hence you can earn significantly from this site. You can join Factoidz HERE, it's free.

5. Infobarrel: This site shares 75% of its Ad sense revenue with the writers. It has a page rank 4 and Alexa rank 4659. You can join Infobarrel HERE. It's free.

Summary: Earning scope is very bright for good writers. However you should choose the right, legitimate writing sites to make money writing. I hope you would have found this article useful, thanks for reading.


A couple more for your list that share 80% of their advertising revenue are and

These smaller sites give a better cut than the bigger ones.

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